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As a rookie, there are so many unknowns when it comes to triathlon. I'm sure that after a few races, I'll be embarrassed I ever asked these questions, but better to know now than go in unprepared, right? I would love to hear your answers to any or all of the questions below.

First, let's tackle the swim – the most frightening leg of the race for this first timer.

The Why, What and When of Wetsuits

Rubber is not a girl's best friend. How do people move, let alone swim in these things? The description said it's designed for optimum speed and flexibility, but is that with the swimmer squished inside?! This definitely takes practice. So on race day, when exactly should you squeeze yourself into said wetsuit? How long can you hang around in there without overheating? And considering the nerves at the start... this leads me to my next question.

All the Talk of Pee

Do people really pee in their wetsuits?! I can only imagine bouncing around in a port-a-potty trying to get out of that thing before the race starts. And being in the water long enough to swim the distance, you know someone's going to have the urge, but is it really as gross as it seems? Or is there some kind of code I should know about before jumping in? Swim left for a pit stop!

Secrets of the Deep

Pool swimming, no problem. I can see the bottom and I know who's around me. But open water is a whole new ballgame. What exactly do you see while you're out there? My very vivid imagination is crawling with snakes, brawler fish and rusted old Chevys that may or may not pertain to unsolved crime scenes. Is there reason to panic and what is the scariest thing you've come across in a race?

Now what am I missing? What do you wish you had known before your first swim?

– Ana

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