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HOMETOWN • Curitiba, PR, Brazil


  • Augusta 70.3
  • Monterrey 70.3

ABOUT • Fear and doubt. Those two small words have held us back for centuries. Many of us spend years questioning our own strength and our ability to overcome. Those words plague even the most confident and carefree people I know. But bring any one of us to the start line of our first endurance race and you’ll see something incredible. For most of us, it isn’t about the podium, it’s about overcoming ourselves. It’s about winning a war against the fear and doubt, and becoming the best version of who we were meant to be.

I started Ironman racing in the Fall of 2014. I decided I was tired of doubting myself and dove head first into the sport. In one year I overcame so much and learned that the greatest obstacle between me and any dream is within.

So here's to running the good race – striving to live fearless, love well, and hopefully leave this life with few regrets.



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Rob Phifer • Founder

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